A+ Singapore, June 2023 Issue: The Cellular Level

A+ Singapore, June 2023 Issue: The Cellular Level

"The beauty industry is divided into four segments", says Jeremy Cheung, founder and CEO of Jubilee Skincare Inc, established in 2022.

"The first comprises big companies with many beauty brands in their portfolio and the second is celebrity- or influencer-led."

"Trends such as clean or vegan beauty guide the third, while the last relies on functional, workable technology," he explains. "The latter doesn't have the funding of big companies, the endorsement of celebrities or fit into the category of popular trends, so it usually goes under water."

However, the seasoned entrepreneur is undeterred and recently launched NAIIAN Beauty, a technology-based skincare brand under his company. Its foundation is 30 years of stem cell research conducted at a life sciences institute in Seoul, which currently holds 309 patents.

The brand implements two core technologies in all its products. The first is a proprietary Cultivated Stem Cell Matrix that contains 250 stem cell-derived growth factors, one of the highest concentrations of growth factors in the industry.

Research has shown that growth factors secreted by human stem cells can speed up skin cell growth, boost tissue growth, and maintain skin.

The second is DNA Water, developed with proprietary molecular bioengineering technology for superior biocompatibility.

"We use high magnetic field energy to restructure water molecules. Simply speaking, we produce them in a different shape. That change allows for an innovation in life science," says Cheung. "In skincare, that means better absorption and longer-lasting hydration."

While the formulations are potent, the routine is simple. Currently, NAIIAN Beauty offers only three products: Eye & Face Serum, which firms and brightens wrinkled and sagging skin, and a Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Rolling System. When the device is applied, the tip dissolves, releasing an active complex that reveals visibly smoother, younger-looking skin over time. A Starter Kit that comprises both of the products for those that would like to start their NAIIAN Difference journey.

Cheung has grand plans for Naiian. "We are looking to use the stem cell-derived growth factors to develop more products. Additionally, we are planning to combine our DNA Water with other functional ingredients to produce others." 

Original feature by A+ Singapore, June 2023 Issue.

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