DNA Water

Unlocking the power of nature to provide your own fountain of youth.

What is DNA Water?

After a volcano erupts, lava cools into volcanic rock that emits beneficial electromagnetic waves. Recreating nature’s process, our proprietary technology passes H2O water through electromagnetic waves, restructuring the molecules to mirror the water in your body for a biocompatibility like no other.


Efficiently delivers nutrients into skin for optimal absorption.
Supercharges the effects of the nutrients and active ingredients it contains.
Energises and enlivens skin with an infusion of vitality.
Restores equilibrium and balance for healthy-looking skin.
Restores equilibrium and balance for healthy-looking skin.

How It Works

Ordinary water struggles to be absorbed by the skin, limiting skincare product effectiveness. NAIIAN's DNA Water revolutionises skincare by optimising nutrient absorption, revitalising skin, and restoring natural beauty. Our proprietary technology mimics nature's process, transforming H2O into a more absorbable form by passing it through an electromagnetic field similar to volcanic rock. DNA Water, combined with our patented Cultivated Stem Cell Matrix, ensures optimal nutrient absorption, lasting hydration, and protection against environmental stressors, resulting in balanced and energised skin.

Ordinary Water

A molecular structure that cannot easily penetrate skin’s water -resistant oil barrier

DNA Water

A biocompatible molecular structure that readily absorbs into skin because it’s oil-friendly

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