The NAIIAN Difference

Coming from the life science field, NAIIAN brings ground-breaking discoveries in rejuvenation with the beauty world. We developed the technology to rewind the course of time and redefine what beauty products can do. Driven by a passion for innovation and a quest for the fountain of youth, NAIIAN's mission is to restore confidence in your beauty so you can love your reflection.

30 years of pioneering stem cell research

Our technology is backed by over 30 years of stem cell research conducted at our life science institute. With 309 registered patents worldwide, our innovations have transformed the field of regenerative medicine. NAIIAN's patented Cultivated Stem Cell Matrix contains one of the highest concentrations of growth factors in the skincare industry, unlocking the skin's natural rejuvenation process.

Stem Cell

The Power of Pluripotent Stem Cells

Our stem cell-derived growth factors possess pluripotent superpowers, allowing them to transform into different cell types to target and repair damaged areas. These versatile growth factors respond to the specific needs of your skin, providing the right nourishment and repair when and where it's needed most. By triggering the skin's memory of youth, NAIIAN products help to restore the original beauty and vitality of the skin.

DNA Water

Revolutionary DNA Water Delivery System

The effectiveness of active ingredients depends on their ability to penetrate the skin. Our exclusive DNA Water is a game-changer in this regard, delivering the Cultivated Stem Cell Matrix deep into the skin for maximum absorption and results. This sets NAIIAN apart from other stem cell skincare brands.

Ordinary Water

A molecular structure that cannot easily penetrate skin’s water -resistant oil barrier

DNA Water

A biocompatible molecular structure that readily absorbs into skin because it’s oil-friendly

Stands Out

NAIIAN's Stem Cell Matrix utilises a full spectrum of growth factors and immune factors, resulting in superior wound healing and skin rejuvenation compared to traditional chemical compounds. Our products offer profound, transformative results by addressing multiple skin concerns, such as wrinkles, dryness, dullness, and sagging, in a single solution.

Rediscover Youthful
Skin with NAIIAN

Our innovative blend of Cultivated Stem Cell Matrix and DNA Water work together to correct visible signs of aging and activate the skin's natural restorative powers. With long-term moisturising effects, soothing ingredients, and powerful protection against environmental stressors, NAIIAN products leave skin visibly uplifted, luminous, and rejuvenated.

Clinical Study

The Cultured Stem Cell Matrix and DNA Water strengthen and thicken the skin barrier after 30 days.

DNA Water is our proprietary molecular Bioengineering technology to restructure natural water molecule through electromagnetic waves. Our DNA Water is the NEW RESTRUCTURED WATER that has super Emulsification effect for maximum absorption by our skin, and also has Anti-toxicity (Anti-oxidation) function, mimicking to our cells when we were born. Mirroring the water in your body for a biocompatibility like no others.